Pallet Removal Services


4510 East 71st St. Suite 12

Cuyahoga Heights, OH 44105

Hours:  Mon – Fri 7:00 AM – 3:00PM

Tri County will remove any unwanted or scrap pallets regardless of size or condition. Standard 48×40 repairable (broken) pallets are purchased at up to $3.00 ea.

Available purchasing options

  • Stage a 53′ box trailer at your facility. Replace it when filled
  • Schedule a live pickup at your facility
  • Drop off your pallets at our shop.
We are also buying the following sizes (Pallets are measured Length(2×4) by Width (boards)
36×36 47×47
36×42 48×48
42×42 49×49
44×44 47×31 Euro Block
48×36 CP1 + CP3 Block
48×42 Chep Block
Plastic 48×40 GMA

Pallet may be broken but still repairable

Loads will be evaluated to determine future value

Pickups containing none to few re sellable pallets may be charged a service fee

Please contact Tri County Pallet for a free quote at 330-848-0313 or at Contact Us