Looking for a large-scale pallet company near you to buy your used wooden pallets? You’ve found us; we want to buy your pallets today!

Tri County Pallet buys and recycles used wood pallets from companies in Northeast Ohio, western Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia. For large-volume sellers of pallets, we can provide a 53-ft. van trailer that stays at your facility while you fill it up with your used wooden pallets. Then we send a driver to pick it up and leave another van trailer at your facility. Our company buys all sizes of used pallets, if it’s a wooden pallet, we want it! We will pay you top dollar for wooden pallets.

You may have seen our van trailers cruising around Northeast Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We have well over 100 van trailers that are continually picking up and bringing in thousands of used pallets to our plant every day. We cover about a 100-mile radius from our corporate headquarters in Akron, Ohio, located just south of Cleveland!

We have crews that unload, repair, and grade every pallet that comes in. If a returning pallet doesn’t make the grade, then it is ground into mulch for our wholesale mulch business. Approximately every 10 wooden pallets will yield one cubic yard of mulch.

We have pallets stacked in our own pallet world! Our facilities include a 5-acre pallet yard plus another a 75,000-sq.-ft. warehouse and repair shop in Akron and a 25,000-sq.-ft. warehouse and shop in Cleveland.

There are several sizes of pallets on the market, but one pallet is by far the most common size that we see. It is known as the GMA-sized wooden pallet. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is a trade association of the food industry. It represents the world’s largest-branded food, beverage, and consumer product companies. They have a standardized pallet size of 48”x40”. This pallet size represents about 50% of the pallets we handle today. While we do handle any size wooden pallet, these are the most common.

We buy all wooden pallets, but also can custom create any configuration pallet you may require. We are not a one-size-fits-all plant. We will get your particular pallet specifications and build to your spec. We even offer heat treatment of pallets for international shipping requirements.

Learn more about our used pallet buying operation or call us right now to find out how we can help you at 330-848-0313. We are a family-owned business and would love to welcome you on board today!