Does it matter where you sell your used pallets? Absolutely!

Whether you are selling or buying pallets in Cleveland, Ohio, or the surrounding area (including western Pennsylvania and West Virginia), Tri County Pallet is the only call you need to make.

We are one of the largest wood pallet suppliers in Ohio. You’ve likely seen our trucks — they are emblazoned with the words “We Buy Pallets.”

Companies sell their pallets to us because we offer complete customized pallet inventory management programs. We’ve helped many customers save money by switching them to recycled wooden pallets as opposed to buying new pallets.

Tri County Pallet offers a complete array of services for used wooden pallets. From custom repair and remanufacturing to your exact specifications, to pick-up and haul away services, we’re one of the largest pallet operations in the state of Ohio. Not only will we pick up your used pallets, we can handle any clean waste wood disposal needs.

What Selling Your Used Wood Pallets Entails

As part of our recycling and haul away process, we help our customers remove used pallets from their warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. We also provide pick-up services at little to no cost and buy used pallets at extremely competitive rates to recycle, repair, and move pallets back out to our customers.

For pallets you are selling to us, we work with our customers to coordinate the shipping of their used pallets back to our plant. We have over one hundred 53’ van trailers that are constantly being packed at our customers’ factories or plants. When they aren’t being packed and returned, they are busy delivering new or rebuilt/repaired pallets to our customers. Our pallet return service enables customers to clear facility space and play a positive role in the sustainability of the planet.

The Responsible Choice for Selling Your Pallets

Pallets that cannot be repaired won’t be landfilled. They are ground into mulch. We offer wholesale mulch that is available in multiple colors starting every Spring. We supply many landscaping companies and nurseries throughout the Cleveland area. We cover approximately a 100-mile radius around the Cleveland, Ohio, area, and we will travel beyond this area for larger customers.

There’s no question where you should sell your pallets. The question is “Will you give us a call today?”

Contact us or call (330) 848-0313.