Tri County Pallet is one of the largest producers of recycled wooden pallets in Ohio.

As one of the largest producers of recycled wooden pallets in the state of Ohio, Tri County Pallet is the place to go for any type of pallet you need. Whether you require a truck load of 48×40 GMA’s, half a semi-load of heavy duty, customized industrial pallets, or a van load of recycled wood pallets, Tri County Pallet is your one-stop shop for all your pallet needs.
Tri County Pallet is well equipped with high-speed automatic nailers that allow them to produce large volumes of recycled wooden pallets at incredibly competitive prices. They have a huge indoor repair facility where pallet craftsmen are constantly building and repairing pallets of all sizes for customers. If you have a large warehouse or distribution center, they will work with you to meet your production and inventory requirements daily. They can even leave tractor trailers for you to store pallets to avoid taking up valuable space in your warehouse or distribution center.
They are happy to offer both full and mixed loads, Heat Treatment, and any branding or special features that you require. They can deliver in Dry Vans and Tractor Trailers.
Their large inventory of wooden pallet components, large covered storage areas and their large fleet of dedicated Tractors and Trailers allow them to meet the needs of both the very large pallet user just as well as the small and medium sized customer.
Give them a call today at 330-848-0313 and get a free quote on what it would take to let the experts in the Ohio pallet industry meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can also check them out online at

Tri County Pallet
890 Flora Ave
Akron, OH 44314