Tri County Pallet will pay you for re-sellable pallets and clean scrap wood

Have a large inventory of pallets taking up space in your warehouse or distribution center? Why not turn those piles of wood into piles of cash? Tri County Pallet wants your pallets, even if they are not in great shape. They will even come remove them for you, so you don’t have the expense of handling and disposing them.
If you have clean scrap wood that you don’t want to be added to your local landfill, then have Tri County Pallet come out and take it away. Scrap wood will be ground into mulch in an effort to keep landfills free of space wasters like scrap wood.
Tri County Pallet will repair pallets that are deemed repairable, or they will turn them into environmentally friendly, great looking mulch. Tri County Pallet sells wholesale mulch to many supplies throughout the Northeast Ohio area.
You might be surprised at just how much those mountains of pallets and clean scrap wood are worth. So, why not get some working capital out of those piles that are just taking up space? Tri County would like to talk to you about getting those pallets and piles of clean scrap wood so they can put them to good use.
They can even provide a free quote to give you an idea of what your accidental inventory is worth.
Give them a call at 330-848-0313 or visit their website to learn more about Tri County Pallet.

Tri County Pallet
890 Flora Ave
Akron, OH 44314