Trees are harvested to produce housing materials, furniture and wood flooring. Lumber that lacks cosmetic appeal, but offers strength and durability, is used to manufacture pallets. White wood pallets provide a cost effective platform that is reusable, repairable, recyclable and made from a renewable resource. Tri County Pallet takes pride in the repairing and recycling of wooden pallets.

Did you know that there are more trees in the United States than there were 70 years ago? In the nation’s commercial forests, net annual growth exceeds harvests (and losses to insects and disease) by an impressive 50 percent each year. Forest products companies are in the business of growing and harvesting trees, so reforestation is an incredibly important part of the sustainability process for them.

Dedicated to recycling wood waste for over 40 years, Tri County Pallet has a long history of environmental responsibility. We focus on the best methods to repair, recycle, renew and reuse wooden pallets and have a complete recycling program for all pallets that enter our facility.

Tri County Pallet takes the pallet lifecycle full circle and when a pallet has no more useful life, we return the material to the earth as decorative, clean mulch. There is nothing more recyclable than wood!
Tri County pallet is a family-owned business and you can be sure that you will be receiving the highest quality pallets available anywhere when you decide to use us for any of your pallet needs.
We are concerned with the environment and ensuring that we utilize every useful part of a pallet as long as we possibly can, while providing a high-quality pallet that meets or exceeds your shipping needs.

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