Heat Treated Pallets For International Shipping! Tri County Pallet meets all ISPM-15 Standards.

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures publication number 15 (“ISPM #15“) is the regulation of wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade. The regulations were established to assist in the prevention of the worldwide spread of plant pests and diseases by using specially treated wooden packaging material (WPM). As part of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) controls the regulations through the cooperation of member governments of the United Nations.










This is the international shipping label indicating compliance with the IPCC standards of heat treatment.


Wood pallets are a vital component of the world’s storage and distribution system. We at Tri County Pallet can ensure that your international shipping will never be hindered by the pallets you use. The lumber used in pallet manufacturing is an ideal raw material because it is repairable, recyclable and very cost-effective. According to the (ISPM #15) wood packing materials from North America must be kiln-dried and free of bark, insect holes, living insects and nematodes.  Heat treated pallets from Tri County Pallet will ensure you always meet this requirement.

Whether you are shipping one country away or half-way around the world, you won’t ever have to worry about the pallets carrying your loads. We not only provide standard pallet sizes, but also offer customized design to meet your needs. If you have incoming pallets, then we would like to buy them from you. That’s right, we buy wood pallets! We can even repair broken wooden pallets! If pallets are unrepairable, then we turn them into mulch to avoid filling any landfills.


ISPM15 applies to coniferous softwood and non-coniferous hardwood used as raw wood packaging material. We are familiar with all exporting regulations regarding wood packaging. We have customers that ship our pallets literally around the world. Whether you are shipping 20 miles or 20,000 miles, we are your one-stop source for wooden pallets.










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Tri County Pallet is based in Akron, Ohio, generally we serve a 100 mile radius from our offices.
For more information about these exporting regulations or to discuss your wood packaging export challenges, please email us or call us at 330-848-0313.

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