Looking to sell wooden pallets in Cleveland, Ohio? Tri County Pallet 330-848-0313

Have wooden pallets been taking up space in your warehouse? Tri County Pallet to the rescue! They have a home for your unwanted wooden pallets and will remove them regardless of size or condition. Tri County Pallet will remove any unwanted or scrap pallets and give them a new life. They recondition thousands of pallets a day and always want to increase their inventory to keep up with customers’ demand. If the pallets are scrap and not able to be re-used they will be ground up and turned into decorative mulch.

How much money you will receive for your pallets depends on their condition/grade. For example, standard 48×40 repairable (broken) pallets are purchased at up to $3.00 ea. Many times just having scrap pallets hauled away at no charge and getting warehouse space back is worth the call to Tri County Pallet. Getting paid for your wooden pallets in addition to these benefits will leave you wondering why you hadn’t contacted them sooner!

So, don’t delay! You can fill out the online form on their website by clicking here or pick up the phone and call the wooden pallet experts at Tri County Pallet at 330-848-0313.

Tri County Pallet has been serving the Cleveland, Ohio area for decades and has had many clients for over 20 years. If other great companies trust Tri County Pallet, shouldn’t you?

If you’re looking to sell wooden pallets in Cleveland, Ohio or the surrounding counties contact Tri County Pallet for more information and get a free quote.

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