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Looking for recycled wooden pallets in or around Cleveland, Ohio? Tri County Pallet is your environmentally responsible,
full-service, recycled wood pallet company.









Wood pallet recycling helps the environment by avoiding useless filling of
landfills, and whatever can cannot be reused is ground for mulch. We also help avoid cutting down new trees by utilizing
what’s already been cut down. We salvage most wood pallets and will even pay for reusable










We have over 100 box trailers that allow us to offer you multiple flexible purchasing options. We
can stage a 53’ box trailer at your facility and simply replace it when it is filled. We can schedule a live
pickup at your facility at your convenience. The other option is to have your pallets dropped off at our shop. At Tri County Pallet we specialize in identifying what pallet and program will best fit your operational needs and budget constraints. We have helped many businesses save over 50% on their pallet purchasing by switching from new to recycled pallets. We can show you the money!









So remember, if you’re looking for recycled pallets in Cleveland, Ohio give us a call, and let us show you what we can do for you!

We serve approximately a 100 mile radius from our headquarters just south of Cleveland, Ohio. Call today at 330 (848) 0313, or click PALLET CLEVELAND OHIO.