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Wooden Recycled Pallets

Tri County Pallet offers a variety of common and custom-sized recycled pallets to meet your needs. They also offer remanufactured pallets, repaired using quality recycled materials to meet your custom specifications. Truckload quantities of the most common sizes and grades are available for immediate shipment or pickup at many locations. They can also create a customized recycling program specifically for your company.

Whether you are using pallets for your shipping needs, warehouse, or distribution center, Tri County Pallet can customize a pallet management plan with you that will work for you.






Pallet Purchase Programs

Tri County Pallet buys 48×40” 4-way pallets, GMA pallets, EU pallets, and other common pallet sizes in a variety of grades. Odd sizes and scrap pallets can also be removed. In some instances, they will arrange for drop trailers to be available on site for ease of loading and removal. With accurate grading and tracking and monthly reports detailing your pallet activity, their pallet purchase program is seamless.

Save Money on Recycled Pallets

Recycled wooden pallets are about half the cost of new wooden pallets. Why buy new wooden pallets when you can get the same great quality for half the cost? You probably didn’t know that this is an available option, or you would already be doing it. Now you know, so you can get started saving on your wooden recycled pallets!


Pallet Repair Programs

Tri County Pallet can pick up, repair, and return your pallets in a timely manner, offering quality repairs to your specifications. Drop trailers or van trailers can be provided, and monthly reports will be issued detailing your pallet activity.

Call Tri County Pallet at 330.848.0313 or visit their website to get a free quote for your pallet management needs.


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