Tri County Pallet: The benefit of pallet management with Tri County Pallet

The benefit of a pallet management system from Tri County Pallet:
Increased Asset Utilization – Our daily management and tracking of pallets improves the availability of pallets (if empty and available) while reducing the downtime in the pallet usage life cycle. A pallet management system from Tri County Pallet can provide the critical core information to execute advanced decision making on the movement of goods enabling improved supply chain process management (SCPM) thereby saving time or dollars. Combined with industry pooling, utilization is a major cost reduction driver.
Improved Capital Deployment – The fundamental problem with pallets is that they may be expensive. Pallet purchase and subsequent depreciation has a significant effect on cash flow, the balance sheet and P&L. Protecting this investment and minimizing on-going investing is a key ROI element of pallet systems. Repairing your wooden pallets will reduce your cost as well as maintaining a JIT just-in-time pallet management system with us at Tri County Pallet.
Asset Loss Reduction / Prevention – Pallet loss reduction has substantial impact on a company’s bottom line. Most firms typically have both 10% and 40% lost assets. “Loss” consists of non-locatable assets in the supply chain, i.e. unable to be used, as well as true loss. In either case, new assets must be purchased to refill the available pool. We will ensure that your assets are kept at an appropriate level based on your individual needs.
Maintenance and Repair Cost Reduction – A final benefit of a pallet management system from Tri County Pallet is maintenance cost reduction. Assets require cyclical preventative repair as well as repair for damage in handling. Our Pallet management system identifies required preventative repair as well as the removal of damaged assets that could result in accidents and shipping loss.