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Not only is recycling wooden pallets an environmentally friendly option, but it also provides huge savings to businesses, especially here in the Northeast Ohio/Cleveland, Ohio area. Tri County Pallet has been busy buying tens of thousands of pallets every week so they can meet the demand of these businesses. Tri County Pallet provides high quality, inexpensive, recycled wood pallets to distribution warehouses, manufacturers, and shipping/logistic companies throughout Ohio. Businesses get to benefit from not having to purchase expensive new pallets every time they need to palletize their product and get it loaded on a truck. Lower expenses for any of these distribution, manufacturing, and shipping companies helps keep their costs low, which in turn helps keep consumer prices low.

If a pallet purchased by Tri County Pallet does not meet their quality test or is too damaged to repair, the pallet into mulch. This is then sold to local nurseries that need large truckloads of mulch. Every week, this keeps thousands of pallets in Northeast Ohio from being wasted and thrown into landfills.

Tri County Pallet provides a benefit not just to businesses by keeping costs down, but also in a very real way by having an ongoing positive impact on the environment in the Cleveland, Ohio area. They are a family-owned operation and take great pride in what they do.

If you’re looking to sell wooden pallets, they buy pallets!

If you’re looking to gain an environmentally friendly pallet provider, then you’re already in the right place. Check out their website here.

Need help having pallets removed from your Cleveland, Ohio based operation? Tri County Pallet has many programs available for you. They are experts in the pallet industry and look forward to helping you solve any issues you have with pallet management on an ongoing basis.

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