Mulch supplier Cleveland, Ohio Tri County Pallet

Looking for a bulk mulch supplier in Cleveland, Ohio? Tri County Pallet is the only place you will need to supply you with high quality mulch. You won’t find any harmful chemicals or waste products in our mulch. We take great care in producing our mulch from wooden pallets that have served their useful life in the transportation of products all over the country. Not only do we grind the pallets into mulch, but also add attractive colors to the mulch that will look great in your customers’ yards for years to come. Red, brown, and black mulch is in stock now and waiting for you.
We can deliver mulch to you in 30 yard increments, or more depending on your mulch supply needs. You can also send your trucks to come pick up the mulch if you’d prefer to do that. If carrying a quality product at a great price is important to you, then contact us today at 330-848-0313. You can also visit other areas of our website.
We have a large supply year round so you don’t have to wait on a supplier from hundreds of miles away to wait for a thaw to get your mulch out to you in the early spring.
At Tri County we know that your customers want colored mulch that has been made in an environmentally safe and responsible way.
Come visit them us at our Akron location and see the process we use to make beautiful decorative landscape mulch. You want your customers to buy locally from you, so why not support another great local business?
The best mulch supplier in the Cleveland, Ohio region is Tri County Pallet. If you need a customized mulch delivery schedule, just let us know. We have a large fleet of trucks that is ready and able to deliver all of the mulch you could ever want.