Tri-County Pallet & Mulch is your one-stop shop for all your pallet and mulching needs.

A local leader in the Akron, Ohio area, we pride ourselves on our 20-year history of providing only the top quality products and services.

Our mulching services remain some of the most popular in the Northern Ohio region. If you’re looking for mulch for either your residence or commercial property, make Tri-County Pallet and Mulch your first and only stop.

Who We Are

At Tri-County Pallet & Mulch, we’re a family-owned business specializing in helping customers just like you.

Our top-quality mulching services have made us one of the most respected names in the industry. Coupled with our unbeatable customer service, this has made us the one and only name you should trust for all your mulching needs.

As a family-owned business, we promise to never sacrifice our values. We pledge to remain committed to providing only the finest in all our services. Our customer-first and hard-working attitude means that you can expect only the best service every visit.

Additionally, we strive to use only the best eco-friendly practices so that we can have a positive impact on the environment—and on our customers.

We do this through our one-of-a-kind dedication and attention to detail. Our willingness to go the extra mile ensures that you’re getting mulch made from industry-leading techniques.

Want to know more about how we make Northern Ohio’s finest mulch? Check out our process below!

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Our Process

We take great care in our mulch-making process so that we offer only the best of products. Our simple and straightforward process ensures maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Our mulch is made from hand-selected pallets as part of our pallet-recycling process. In order to fulfill our pledge to remain environmentally friendly, we make sure that no pallets go to waste—even those that can’t be repaired.

When this happens, our expert staff works to recycle broken pallets into mulch. In turn, this mulch is then distributed to both businesses and residences across the Northern Ohio area.

Our great-looking mulch stems from our unwavering dedication. Case in point: we don’t just process our mulch one time. We don’t even process it just twice. Instead, we process our mulch multiple times to ensure it’s got the great look that you need.

For this reason, our mulch is perfect for those who are looking to take their landscaping to the next level. With a variety of color options available, we cater to the needs of clients from all backgrounds.

But we don’t just stop short at creating some of the best mulch in the area—we deliver it, too. By choosing Tri-County Pallet & Mulch, you can enjoy same-day delivery on up to 70 yards of mulch!

This great service is just one example of how we stand apart from all other competitors. At Tri-County Pallet & Mulch, we make a habit of going above and beyond to fit our clients’ needs.

Looking to find out more about the quality mulching services we offer? Find a complete list of our services below!

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What We Offer

At Tri-County Pallet & Mulch, we offer an experience that can’t be beaten. Our friendly and expert staff will make sure that you have the best experience possible—every time.

We offer pretty great mulch, too.

There are a few things that every customer can expect when choosing us. By investing in Tri-County Pallet & Mulch, you’ll be receiving:

  • The best pallet and mulching services in the Northern Ohio area
  • Top-quality customer service from friendly industry professionals with over 60 years of combined experience
  • Only the finest mulch made from 100% pallet wood to suit your residential and commercial landscaping needs
  • Same-day delivery of the mulch of your choosing
  • Pick-up services of up to 30 yards of mulch
  • Consistent quality that can’t be beaten

Yeah, we know that’s a lot to take in. Just remember: Tri-County Pallet & Mulch offers all the services you need to perfectly revamp your home or business’s landscape.

Those looking to choose from our selection of high-quality mulch have three wonderful options. These popular choices include:


  • Chocolate Brown Mulch


This chocolate brown mulch offers the perfect natural look for your home or business. With an authentic “earthy” look, our chocolate brown mulch keeps your landscape feeling natural. The perfect addition to nearly any landscape, this classic brown mulch compliments almost any setting.


  • Premium Black Mulch


Those looking for something richer in color should consider our premium black mulch. The darker hues of our black mulch work to highlight the beauty of certain surrounding landscapes. Additionally, it can add a polished look to any home garden or commercial landscape.

Its fresh, bold color makes it a popular choice for many who are looking to take their landscaping to the next level. Perfect against dark greens and other rich colors, our premium black mulch should be at the top of everyone’s list.


  • Premium Red Mulch


Those looking to brighten the color of their landscape may choose to purchase our premium red mulch. Like all our mulch options, our premium red mulch is made from 100% recycled pallet wood, processed to perfection.

With its great look and feel, our premium red mulch is the perfect addition to nearly any home or commercial landscape. Those looking for a brighter, more open appearance should consider this wonderful color option.

No matter the color you choose, however, you can be sure that you’re making the right choice. With only top-quality mulch available, Tri-County Pallet & Mulch provides you with the right mulch for the job.

And remember: our great-looking options do more than just please the eye. They also represent our commitment to helping preserve the environment.

By choosing Tri-County Pallet & Mulch, you can support us in our eco-friendly cause. You can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your landscape is decorated with only recycled wood from irreparable pallets.

Not convinced mulch is the right direction for you? Check out the following benefits of using mulch in your landscape!

The Benefits of Mulch

Mulch provides a wide array of benefits for commercial and residential landscaping needs. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits so you can know just how top-quality mulch from Tri County Pallet & Mulch can help you today!


  • Keeps Weeds at Bay


Tired of weeds in your garden or outdoor space? The superior mulch at Tri County Pallet & Mulch can help you stop the spread of weeds!

How does it work? It’s simple.

Mulch serves to cover any sprouting weeds and to block their access to necessary sunlight. This prevents the overgrowth of weeds in your yard! In general, you will want to apply between two to three inches of mulch to stop the spread of weeds in your garden or yard. What’s more, mulch is a much cheaper and more effective solution than harmful pesticides or other eco-damaging substances.

If you’re looking to keep unsightly weeds from growing in your yard, consider a trip to Tri County Pallet & Mulch. Our experts will help you find the perfect mulch for your garden!


  • Prevents Soil Erosion


Our top-quality mulches will protect your soil from erosion. By filling your garden or outdoor area with our black, brown, or red mulches, you will be giving your soil an extra layer of protection from external forces such as rain.

Simply put, mulch serves as a protective barrier against rain, keeping your soil intact and free from erosion. This can greatly enhance the appearance of your outdoor area and save you tons of money in the long run.

If you’re looking to protect your garden or outdoor space today, it’s time to see what Tri County Pallet & Mulch can do for you.


  • Provides Insulation


If you plan on planting any time soon, mulch can provide the perfect insulation for your plants. In general, mulch can be used to keep your plants’ roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

This means that you can use the fantastic mulch from Tri County Pallet & Mulch to keep you garden or yard in optimal health! If you are looking to give your plants that extra protection, there’s no better time than now to head on over to Tri County Pallet & Mulch and see just how our experts can help you.


  • Perfect Decoration


One of the best benefits of mulch is its decorative quality. Mulch can be used in a variety of landscaping instances to provide you or your business with a more professional, clean, and refined look. In general, mulch can be used to cover bald spots in your garden and serves as a much more cost-effective option than other alternatives such as artificial grasses. This means that mulch is the perfect option to give your home or business that extra curb appeal.

What’s more, mulch boasts low maintenance costs, meaning the high-quality decorative mulch you buy from Tri County Pallet & Mulch will get you the most out of your dollar!

If you want to take your yard or garden to the next level, consider investing in some of our superior decorative mulch today!

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Why Choose Us

Tri County Pallet & Mulch seeks to provide you with one hundred percent quality mulch—every time. There’s a reason we are the tri county region’s number one pallet and wholesale mulch dealer. Take a look below to see just how we’ve separated ourselves from the pack.


  • Environmentally Friendly


Because our mulch is made from 100% wooden pallets that are too degraded to use, you can always be sure that we are an eco-friendly option. Unlike other mulch companies, we pride ourselves on being green.

At Tri County Pallet & Mulch, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability, and we strive for eco-friendly processes in everything we do. That’s why we can guarantee that the mulch you use for your landscaping purposes will be completely made from eco-friendly material!

Just how effective has Tri County Pallet & Mulch been at helping the environment? Over the past year alone, we have recycled over four million pallets—that’s 250,000 trees saved, 100,000 tons of landfill waste cut back, and 380,000 pounds of nails recycled.

Those are numbers that speak for themselves. If you’re looking for the ultimate in eco-friendly mulch, it’s time to make Tri County Pallet & Mulch your next stop!


  • Trusted Name


There’s no other way to put it: Tri County Pallet & Much is the most trusted name in pallets and wholesale mulch in all of Northeastern Ohio. For over twenty years, we have provided the tri county region with top quality wholesale mulch services that are consistently ranked as some of the best in the state.

With one of the most experienced staffs in the Ohio mulching business, we promise unbeatable service. Perhaps that’s why many of our customers have done business with us for over twenty years. If you are looking for a mulching service you can trust, there’s no better name than Tri County Pallet & Mulch.

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The Bottom Line

Are you looking for a proven leader in wholesale mulch?

If so, consider a trip to Tri County Pallet & Mulch. Our seasoned experts will help you find just what you are looking for and take care of all your mulching needs.

We offer beautiful black, brown, and red mulches that will add the perfect touch to any landscaping project. What’s more, these mulches will provide your garden or yard with necessary benefits that will keep them healthy and long lasting.

Tri County Pallet & Mulch has a long history of helping customers just like you get what they want. We are proud to offer you our 100% eco-friendly mulch at incredibly low rates. Simply put, we believe you deserve only the best when it comes to mulch for your garden or yard.

So what are you waiting for? Take a trip to Tri County Pallet & Mulch today and find out how we can help you!