Wood Pallet Recycling, Repair Services

48x45 recycled palletsWood pallet recycling and repair is a significant part of Tri County Pallet & Mulch’s business.  Most companies find using recycled pallets to be perfectly suitable for their needs and choose a GMA pallet grade that meets their requirements for pallet condition. 

As part of Tri County’s pallet recycling process, the company buys used wood pallets from its customers, evaluates them for any broken boards, missing or popped nails and makes any necessary repairs.

After pallet repair, the GMA wood pallets are re-evaluated and assigned a new grade.

Heat treated pallets, which are required for international export of goods to many countries, also can be recycled and repaired.  Pallet repairs that require replacing boards would necessitate additional heat treatment before going back into service.

Buying New vs. Recycled Wood Pallets

Tri County Pallet specializes in helping its customers identify the best wood pallet options for their company’s needs. Part of the decision involves choosing between new or recycled wood pallets.

The primary benefit of using recycled pallets vs. new pallets is cost savings. Tri County has helped many businesses save over 50% on their pallet purchasing costs by switching from new to recycled pallets.

Advantages of Using Recycled Pallets vs. New Pallets

  • Less expensive
  • Holds the same amount of weight
  • Pre-dried wood (eliminates water stains)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No need to cut down new trees for production
  • Can be heat treated

Some companies require new pallets for aesthetic reasons or to prevent the packaging of sensitive transported products (like chemicals or food products) from receiving minor, incidental damage from imperfect used pallets. Tri County can source both new and recycled pallets for our customers.

Pallet Remanufacturing

Pallets that are in poor condition may be used for pallet remanufacturing or turned into mulch.  Pallet remanufacturing entails taking loose parts from multiple wood pallets and constructing a new pallet.  This process is typically used when we receive requests for custom-sized pallets.

Like pallet recycling, buying remanufactured pallets can save companies as much as 50% of their pallet cost.

Contact Tri County to buy or sell your recycled wood pallets.

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