Heat Treated Pallets for Sale

ISPM-15 stamp for heat-treated palletsBecause wood pallets are made from organic material (trees) that can harbor insects and parasites potentially harmful to other plants, any wood pallets destined for international export of goods must first undergo heat treatment to sterilize the pallets.

ISPM-15, an ordinance implemented in 2015 and enforced by the Food and Agriculture Organization under the United Nations, specifies that wood pallets, as well as any other non-manufactured wood packaging materials greater than 6mm in thickness and used for international export, must be treated with heat using any number of methods: kiln-drying, heat-enabled chemical pressure impregnation, microwave or other treatments.

Heat treatment of wood pallets entails heating the wood until its core temperature reaches 56 degrees Celsius (132.8 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 30 minutes. The process successfully destroys any pests that can harm forests and is considered to be environmentally friendly compared to other methods.

Heat treated wood pallets must be marked with an internationally recognized IPPC stamp, which certifies the pallets meet the ISPM-15 requirement and that indicates the country of origin and the heat-treating method used.  (IPPC stands for International Plant Protection Convention, which developed the standard.)

Approximately 80 countries require compliance of imported goods with the ISPM-15 requirement for heat treated wood pallets.

Besides meeting international shipping requirements, heat-treated (HT) wood pallets offer a few other benefits:

  1. The process is considered safer for shipment of food products and pharmaceuticals than using chemically treated pallets.
  2. Heat-treated pallets are more resistant to mold and bacteria.
  3. The heat treatment process takes the moisture out of the wood, which reduces the overall weight of the pallet. When shipping large volumes of products, that weight reduction can have a measurable impact on shipping cost.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Tri County can provide heat treated pallets for sale that meet the ISPM-15 standard for customers in Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia and has the ability to process as many as 40,000 heat treated pallets per week.

Contact Tri County Pallet & Mulch or call 330-848-0313 for pricing and information about our heat treated wood pallets for sale.

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